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Covid-19 Health & Safety Document

At the studios we are currently promoting a new normal to insure our studios maintain the correct standards, providing a safe and healthy environment and with your cooperation we can ensure the studios are safe and resilient.

We will continue to closely follow the advice and guidance of Public Health England and consequently will monitor and adjust our operational protocols in keeping with the evolving situation.

Cleaning Services

We have continued to provide increased levels of cleaning throughout the common areas and have undertaken deep cleans where required. In preparation for your return, we have:

  • Ensured adequate supplies of washroom consumables for the common areas (toilet rolls, hand towels, hand soap)

  • Ordered sufficient supplies of cleaning materials, including Virucidal cleaning solutions for all surfaces

  • Checked all cleaning equipment for its safe operation

  • Developed an emergency cleaning response plan and verified our service partner’s capability of undertaking deep cleans, to ensure we can quickly respond to any new reported cases

  • Increased focus and frequency on cleaning touchpoint areas

  • Supplied the staff members with PPE and hand sanitiser

  • We have increased daytime cleaning to focus on the cleaning frequency of all common touch-points, including:

    Hand rails
    Door handles Door push plates Mats
    Reception desk WC cubicles Sinks & taps Barres

  • Regular management inspections will be undertaken to ensure cleaning standards are high and to the revised specification.

  • We have developed a deep clean response plan in readiness for any potential future outbreak.

  • As we progress with a safe and successful return to the studios, our cleaning service delivery levels will be reviewed and adjusted accordingly

    Arriving at, and Leaving the Studios

  • We have implemented two systems of entry and exit, a drop off point will be at the bottom of the stairs, there will be a member of staff there to meet your child, a register will be taken, if your child is under the age of six you will be able to come up with them however where possible we would ask you to leave your child at the studios and collect at appropriate time.

  • Temperature checks will be taken from each child/person entering the studios - In the case of a high temperature you will be asked to leave for the safety of all.

  • Please do not pass on the stairwell.

  • A queuing system outside will be in place during peak times. Appropriate signage will be in place.

  • Communal Toilets will not be in use to public, staff, parents or children. (Toilets in reception area will be in use and will be cleaned regularly)

  • There is to be no congregating in reception outside of peak times or standing within 2 meters of each other - anyone doing so will be asked to move on. If the number of people in reception exceed 10, the ‘peak time’ queuing system will be put back into operation.

  • Please ensure students arrive no more than 10 minutes before their lessons start and are collected as soon as their lessons finish.

  • Please remind your children that social distancing measures are to be kept in place between teachers and friends.

    Arriving at Reception

  • Two touch free hand sanitiser points will be available within the centre of the reception.

  • Floor markings are installed within, the social distancing is adhered to, specifically during peak times.

  • Restrictions will be in place for seating: Seating is not permitted for use during peak times.

  • Reception resources, e.g. pick and mix, magazines and books etc, have been temporarily removed

  • We propose to limit the number of visitors within the reception space to 10 at any one time.

  • A member of staff will be sited in reception throughout peak times and at regular intervals outside of these hours – maintaining a focus on cleaning touch points

    Changing Rooms

    • We ask for students where possible to arrive in their uniform underneath their clothing and hair done to reduce the use of the changing facilities.

    • The changing rooms will be only be used by two students at a time, there will be a one in one out system, these will only be able to be used to get changed in, no waiting in changing rooms will be allowed.

In the Studios

  • Students will be asked to stay at the same Barre area for the duration of Barre work (Ballet)

  • There will be appropriate markings within the studios addressing where students can stand to maintain their distance, when dancing and waiting.

  • The cleaning of the studios will be taken place after each class, ensuring Acro mats are wiped down, barres are wiped down and increased focus and frequency on cleaning touchpoint areas.

  • We will aim to have no more that 12 students in the studios at any given time, timetable changes may be necessary to abide by this rule and to maintain switchover time between classes.

  • Students will be required to wear correct footwear, hair and uniform in the Studios. Break and Street students will be asked to not wear outdoor trainers in the studios. (Please provide black dance trainers or plimsoles for these classes)

  • Minimal student/ teacher contact will be in place while in classes.

    We hope you understand the reasoning for us implementing these new measures. We believe the precautionary measures we are taking will have the least impact on our timetable and effect on our students. We will maintain these measures until the situation changes.

    With your assistance, we will work together to reduce the risk posed by COVID-19 - Thank you for you co-operation.

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